Turki Haj Mohamad

I'm a data scientist in system analytics at PARC's IoT Tower. My work focuses on developing algorithms for structural health monitoring using fiber optic technology.

I have a PhD in mechanical engineering from Villanova University. My doctoral work focused on developing novel hybrid algorithms for predictive maintenance using a combination of nonlinear dynamics, mathematical modeling and machine learning.

I have a strong background in mathematics, statistics, dynamic system analysis, data analytics and many programming languages. I am passionate about developing and implementing innovative machine learning algorithms integrated with my engineering knowledge, to solve complex problems.

Recent News

  • (May 2021) Our paper on "Application of Deep CNN-LSTM Network to Gear Fault Diagnostics" is accepted for publication at IEEE PHM 2021.

  • (May 2021) Received the 2021 ME department in Dynamics and Control PhD Award.

  • (April 2021) Our paper on "Delamination Fault Compensation in Composite Structures" is published as a proceeding to VETOMAC XV [here].

  • (April 2021) Serving as TPC member in PHM 2021 conference.

  • (February 2021) Our paper on "Early Detection of Cracks in a Gear Train System Using Proper and Smooth Orthogonal Decompositions" is accepted for publication at NODYCON 2021.

  • (February 2021) Passed my PhD dissertation defense.

  • (January 2021) Joined PARC as a data scientist in system analytics.

  • (October 2020) Joined Strados Labs as a part-time data scientist.

  • (October 2020) Selected to be chair of "Deep Learning Methods and Applications" session at the PHM 2020 conference [Learn more].

  • (August 2020) Book chapter accepted for publication on delamination fault compensation in composite structures.

  • (July 2020) Dr. Nataraj and Turki Haj Mohamad filed a provisional patent that covers novel fault diagnostic algorithms.

  • (May 2020) VCADS leads team to develop low-cost ventilator [Forbes].

  • (May 2020) Book chapter published on proper and smooth orthogonal decompositions for detection of inner race defects in bearings [here].

  • (April 2020) Journal paper accepted on fault identification and severity analysis of rolling element bearings [here].

  • (April 2020) Work with Siemens was accepted at the AIChE conference 2020, San Francisco.